The Greatest Lover

One of the things I really love about God is when He teaches me things. God REALLY knows how to make us understand what He wants us to know–like when He taught me many a lesson on why being lukewarm is such a terrible thing by using the lukewarm temperature of the water in the dorm showers. haha. Sometimes the lessons are simple and relatively painless (although those lukewarm showers were less than desirable). This week He has been speaking loud and clear. I thought I’d share my journal entry sort of reflecting my thoughts on what God’s been showing me:

To my First and One True Love,

       You told me to guard my heart above all else, because it is the wellspring of life. I haven’t done that, Lord. I just put it all out there and give my complete best to people in hopes that they’ll give their best to me–and they haven’t yet.

                  Well, You have.

     Jesus, You are a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. You’re the Bridegroom of the church–my Groom. You woo us with Love and grace, protection and provision and comfort. You wrote me a love letter that changes lives, the world, existence. You think about me all the time and know me better than I know myself. Everyday you wake me up with the gift of life, and renewed strength, and a beautiful always changing sunrise and nature. You can always make every situation better. You listen to me. You forgive me repeatedly when I hurt you repeatedly. You gave me talents so I can even express my thanks. You’ve blessed me with health, and I have everything I need. You’re encouraging, challenging, sympathetic, and honest. You gave me a wonderful family. You teach me and equip me for life. You don’t let me get comfortable with mediocrity. You’re preparing a place for us to be together forever. You never leave me–even when I don’t acknowledge You. You understand me even in my crazy moments. You take care of me and heal me when I’m sick. Everything good comes from You.

And I….

I ignore You. Rarely talk to You, thank You, love on You. I don’t do much for you. I only think about myself. You make morning beautiful and I’m too busy grumbling about having to wake up to notice–or thank You for another day of life. I don’t thank You enough. I don’t count my blessings enough. I hurt You and fail You daily.

You DIED for me.

Repeatedly in life, contact with other human beings leads to disappointment. Family fails us, friends fail us, lovers fail us, and we fail them. We reject, and we painfully get rejected.  How many times do we give, give, give, and it goes not noticed, not understood, and not accepted? How many times do we reach out and try to reason with people, and show our affections and it’s rejected? How much does that break our hearts?

God is the God of the universe who has all things and gives us all things freely. He is in control of everything and holds everything together, yet still thinks about us and wants us to know He loves us. Why then, do we not make time for Him? He gives us so much more than people give us or what we could give people. How much do we break His heart when we reject Him?

God, teach me how to love You and love like You.

How can we find someone suitable for marriage with Christ as our First Love!!? haha Good luck, fellas. He is the greatest Lover. ❤ Definitely an example for all of us. Love you, Jesus.

Happy Valentine’s Day…soon.



About allisonelainecassidy

Dreamer. Christian. Singer-songwriter-musician-writer. Learning all I can about the world, taking chances while I have nothing to lose. :)
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